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Make Information Work Harder

This site is dedicated to all of us who do business with 'Customers', in particular the Self Employed and Tradesmen. Have you ever 'not been paid', suffered abuse, gone home with headaches, run over budget? None of us need bad business, but we all need 'Customers'.

With over 3 million self employed in the UK it makes sense to have a valuable resource centre for all of us to be made aware of those 'CFH' (Customers From Hell)

Making Information Work for You

The aim of this site is to give the opportunity to share your experiences of your 'CFH' with other small businesses and tradesmen. Members are free to submit details of any CFH and also search our database of complaints submitted by other members. You can access this information centre 24/7, so please check each time you are about to enter into a new contract (and see if you next customer is in here!!)

A builder is asked to submit an estimate for an extension and the 'Customer' asks for references of previous work completed. But does the builder ask for references from previous Tradesmen who have worked for this particular 'Customer', NO!!!

As this is a site for genuine grievances and all the information is submitted online and will appear for other members to view. Help others and they will help you and together we will build a register of 'CFH'. It could save your business 's.

Take a look at how intheshopwindow works today.

Please ensure you read our "terms & conditions" before using this site.


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